Letters To The Future

World leaders from more than 190 countries convened in Paris in December 2015 for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. On everyone’s mind: will the governments of the world finally pass a binding global treaty or will they fail in the task?

Letters to the Future—an SN&R-led national project involving 40-plus newspapers and media outlets across the United States—set out to find authors, artists, scientists and others willing to get creative and draft letters to future generations of their own families, predicting the success or failure of the Paris Climate Talks of 2015. And what came after.

The project drew letters from an amazing assortment of people, only a fraction of which are presented here. See www.letterstothefuture.org for a complete set of collected letters. Some participants were optimistic about what is to come—some not so much. We hereby present some of their visions of the future.